17 August 2017

Placement Timeline 2018.1

The placement activity schedule below has been developed to assist with forward planning. The timelines provided are a guide and may change if we do not receive the requested information by the due date.

If you are going to be away during any stage of the placement process, please email your Program Training Advisor for further advice.

If you are interested in undertaking an Enhanced Training Position outside general practice, please contact Zoe Hubball.

If you are interested in training in an Aboriginal Health Training Post, please contact Diana Orozco.

Week commencing 11 September 2017 Practice capacity and registrar survey commences
Week ending 29 September 2017 Practice capacity and registrar surveys due
Week ending 20 October 2017 Continued placements and Interview allocations confirmed
Interviews (20 October – 17 November) 4 weeks
Week ending 17 November 2017 Practice and registrar interview outcomes and preferences due
Week ending 1 December 2017 GPEx send placement confirmations
Monday 18 December 2017 Provider number paperwork due
5 February 2018 Semester one commences
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