11May 2017

Cervical screening: what’s changed?

Cervical screening: what’s changed? Have you, like me, been tempted recommending to low risk women that they defer their due pap smears until after 1 December 2017? Or, have you considered changing cervical screening recalls for low risk women to five years as they start coming through? The strong message is “Don’t!” General Practitioners (GPs) are […]

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04May 2017

Why I love being #JustaRuralGP.

I am not “just a GP”. I am “just a rural GP” and I say that phrase with pride. As GPs we can make such important differences in people’s lives, and play an important role in a community as well […]

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03May 2017

GP. The Baskin-Robbins of medicine.

If Baskin Robbins is the 31 flavours of the ice-cream world than surely GP is the Baskin Robbins of medicine. Who else can go from vaccinating a 6-week-old baby to excising a melanoma to performing a pap smear all before breaking for a coffee […]

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28Nov 2016

Administering intravenous iron in General Practice

Administering intravenous iron in General Practice First published on Medical Republic Until recently, iron infusions were strictly a hospital-only procedure, but they are now easy to do in general practice. Jasmine is a 15-year-old girl with an obsession for crunching on ice, diagnosed with pica syndrome. Your investigations show that her Hb is low at 76g/L, […]

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13Oct 2016

Are you prepared for the OSCE? Ten tips to triumph.

Are you prepared for the OSCE? Ten tips to triumph. With the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCEs) just around the corner, there are many general practice registrars working hard and feeling a little (or a lot) nervous. You have come so far, worked so hard and this is […]

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