12 July 2016

Learning and growing together: An introduction to Aboriginal health.

GPEx and the Aboriginal Health team has hit the ground running in semester 1, facilitating four Aboriginal Health and Culture Workshops for the new cohort of GP registrars and previous registrars that were unable to attend in previous years. Overall, we experienced a 98% attendance rate.

All of the workshops were held in Adelaide at the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre and Warriparinga Wetlands in Bedford Park and Tauondi College in Port Adelaide. Both venues provided us with a great platform to provide cultural immersion sessions to our registrars and specific Aboriginal health information and tools to take back to their practices.

On Day 1, the registrars were able to participate in cultural activities that included bush/nature walks, basket weaving, spear and boomerang throwing/demonstrations and talking circles.

Day 2 focused on clinical aspects of Aboriginal health. The registrars participated in group discussions about Aboriginal health statistics, social determinants of health and a registrar challenge. The registrar challenges were Aboriginal health scenarios that the registrars had to work through and determine short and long term management plans for the patient, using the information and resources they have been provided during the workshops.

At each workshop, the registrars were able to provide feedback and evaluate the activities undertaken. The overall feedback was very positive with a 95% overall satisfaction rate, with the registrars feeling that the workshops were more than they expected.

  • “How inclusive it was – great feel to the days and very constructive”
  • “I have been to many cultural awareness workshops over the past 10 years in the fields of health and education. This was the best. It was the first workshop that I thought was inclusive and welcoming rather than creating a divide or us and them mentality. I have come away with a sense of shared history”
  • “Getting to know more about the background, cultural aspect of Aboriginal People. Understanding the bigger picture and developing better medical practice to cater to Aboriginal People”

With semester 2 fast approaching, planning has already begun for our next Aboriginal Health and Culture Workshop for the new cohort of GP registrars. We hope to achieve the success we have had by continuing to review and develop our workshops and provide the most up to date and relevant information.

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